OOE has re-imagined what a product design

firm should be... from the ground up.

To deliver on our client’s unique projects we believe a new methodology has emerged. It is no longer necessary for a shop to be centered around a single piece of equipment or specialty process. Our creation of a multi-disciplinary shop capable of using a variety of tools, equipment and software allows us to tackle projects at every stage of development. This new ideal is one in which clients ideas are fully realized all under one roof. 

At OOE, we believe that building something great is a homogeneous process that requires us to work hand-in-hand with our clients in a facility that is designed specifically for a variety of production processes. This led us to create a 7,500 square foot state of the art facility optimized for product design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing; all under one roof. This commitment to a diverse production process allows us to efficiently refine projects from sketches all the way to fabrication.

At One Off Effects, we exist to build great things. We are a multi-disciplinary shop that caters to the specifics of our clients' individual requirements. Our company was founded on one fundamental principle: Create amazing things for our clients. Whether it is your idea, passion, product or invention, it's our objective to make it a reality. Everyone on our team thrives under the challenge of innovative operations. With such an accomplished crew, the seed of modernization is rapidly sprouting.

One Off Effects’ headquarters is located in sunny Ventura County, California. We are grateful to be just minutes from the beach and within an hour of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  

Check out some of our unique projects 

 We work on a huge variety of projects, from concept design, engineering, product development, prototyping, and advanced CNC machining/production. Contact us to see if your project is a good fit and lets get to work!

One of our most important goals at One Off Effects is building and maintaining strong customer relationships regardless of your specific needs. Our client list spans the globe and we thrive on building products for the emerging global maker market. We look forward to hearing about your exciting projects and are honored to make them a reality.
— Ben Mckee, CEO