Concept Creation

With our collective team we review our plethora of completed ideations. During our review sessions, a portfolio of the best concepts are further refined in preparation to present to the client.

Once we have agreed on a final concept, our engineers take the sketch-rendering and build a CAD model which mirrors the aesthetics of the sketch and incorporates basic functionality features.

After we have approved a handful of portfolio pieces, our designers digitally re-sketch the concepts in greater detail producing a sketch rendering. To the right is an example of a sketch-rendering which was presented to our client.


Research and Ideation

At the start of every project, our artists and designers research the history of comparable ventures. Understanding the evolution and adaptations of similar products allows our team to cultivate designs that not only stand out from today’s trends, but will lead tomorrow’s.

Once our designers and engineers have researched and discussed the project, our account managers contact the client to set up a meeting; video conferences, phone calls, or in-person meetings are often used. This gives us the opportunity to introduce the designer and engineer who will be managing the project, offering the client an opportunity to directly convey their vision to our team. Based on our initial research we will be able to further discuss in detail the obstacles and challenges that will be overcome during the process.

Combining the client briefing and our previous research, our designers and artists take pen to paper and sketch out several projections. Although many of these will never be presented to the client, these sketches are a prominent part of the process. 



Design at One-Off Effects is much more than CAD generation.  Class-A modeling starts with the latest state-of-the-art software available. It takes the right knowledge to effectively use the software to the fullest extent, we work together with our clients and use cutting-edge programs to bring our customer’s digital needs to life – right before their eyes. Our design services are not just visually pleasing, they are also to-scale models with all of the texture, color, look and material properties of the real product. Molds, fixtures and tooling designs are part of the advanced expertise of our educated and highly trained staff. Our professional presentation skills and rigorous attention to detail ensure superior finished designs.


Engineering and Design for Manufacturing

When DFM (Design for Manufacturing) is complete we confirm manufacturing procedures for each component ensuring that our products are fabricated at the most economical cost.

Next, we confirm that the DFM's dimensions and mechanics will be fully functional. Our team also considers if there is a possible better way to achieve the manufacturing process. 

After the engineering is complete, we double check each individual component to ensure that it can be manufactured as efficiently and economically as possible.


Prototyping and Testing

Knowing the assigned production materials, our engineers establish the best prototyping method(s) to test fit, form, and functionality.

Our prototype capabilities include but are not limited to; SLA, SLS, FDM, polyjet, urethane casting, CNC Machining, short run metal fabrication, sand casting, vacuum forming, and composite/FRP production.

The prototypes often reveal slight modifications that are updated in our CAD models.
Finalized prototypes result in presentations or expo quality show pieces.



Following the prototyping stage we move into production and assembly. We offer short as well as long run manufacturing. Certain processes are handled in-house while others are delegated to our national and international partners.

Knowing our process ahead of time allows us to budget the most economical price points and production quantities.

Finally, our team manages quality control, assembly, bagging and tagging, packaging and shipping to anywhere world-wide.



The unmatched creativity and talent of One Off Effects' staff extends beyond design and art. We also work with clients on artistic architectural design projects in any category ranging from drawing and Architecture. Our clients have needed breathtaking structures created, some that seem to defy gravity, interact with their environments, or move on their own. Some buildings have needed rely on simplicity and blend into their environments. From concept sketches to architectural models and blueprints, we work on all things structural, visual and creative. Our team possesses the artistic minds to offer impeccable services, while keeping feasibility, manufacture-ability and maneuverability attainable. 


One Off Effects is known for much more than engineering and manufacturing, we also have a lot of experience in visual arts. We work with clients on artistic projects in any category of installation and architecture, and we also design and create beautiful works of our own. From concept sketches to fabrication and installation, we work on all things visual and creative.